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What They Say About Us

St Mary’s Catholic High School

“Chase, was fantastic! Because he finished up late in the day, he stopped by early the next morning to look at his repairs in the daylight to make sure they met his own expectations. That young man is a real asset to his company and is welcome back at Saint Mary’s anytime.”

Clayton Valley High School

“I could not get another company to to bid our bleacher repairs, parents were complaining and they were becoming a liability. I called TD Sports and they somehow made it happen.”

Campbell Union High School District

“There is no other company that provides one-stop service for my athletic facilities. Surface cleaning, nets, track protection, goal post flags, you name it!”

Eastside Unified High School District

“Manufacturer certified technicians, not some unapproved fly-by-night company. A delight to work with and they show up on time, every time. Real professionals”

Foster City Parks Department

“I have been working exclusively with Tim and his crew for five years now. I always get a call back right away and they have performed critical field repairs with 24 hours notice.”

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What Type of Services Are You Looking For? (Check All That Apply)


The best way to maintain optimum
performance, safety and longevity of synthetic turf fields.

  • Surface Wear Inspection
  • Infill Depth Check
  • Small & Large Repairs
  • Post Summary Report
  • Fiber Rejuvination
  • G-max Safety Testing
  • Field Replacement
  • Certified Technicians


The best way to maintain optimum
performance, safety and longevity of your running track.

  • Surface & Wear Analysis
  • Small Surface Repairs
  • Restriping of Lines
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Replacement
  • Post Summary Report

Safety Testing

Certified G-max testing is the ASTM standard used to ensure
player safety and safe performance of athletic fields.

  • Surface Inspections
  • Fiber Analysis
  • 12 Point Testing
  • Infill Depth Checks
  • Field G-max Testing
  • Cerified Report of Findings

Surface Repairs

Most every sports surface experiences daily and repetitive use. Over time,
repairs, patching and replacement is required. We provide the following:

  • Track Repairs
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field Repairs/Lines
  • Asphalt Surfacing
  • Basketball Courts

Facilities Care

Your single source for complete athletic facilities
management including new construction, safety and maintenance services.

  • New Sports Surfacing
  • Construction Management
  • Spectator Seating
  • E-maintenance Tracking
  • Safety Inspections/Testing
  • Service Contracts
  • Fencing, Netting & Goals
  • Manufacturer Certified

Painting & Striping

We provide the products and technical expertise for all sports
demarcations and graphics including school mascots and custom colors.

  • Track Striping
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field Striping
  • School Graphics
  • Basketball Courts