How Does Track Recycling Work?

The Benefits of a Eco-Friendly Landscape

Green house effects, a diminishing ozone layer, strained natural resources….why continue to contribute to these effects by having to continuously mow, water and fertilize your lawn?

Converting to synthetic turf and low impact landscaping is the fast, affordable way to do your part in preserving our planet. TD Sports Group offers numerous landscaping solutions and alternatives that drastically reduce maintenance while protecting and preserving our precious natural resources.

Up to 80% Recycled Materials

Not only are you preserving natural resources, but also eliminating old rubber tires from ending up as land fill! Ground up rubber tire granules provides a patented dynamic cushioning system for synthetic turf lawns, putting greens and back yard sport courts. A full size football or soccer field uses over 40,000 recycled tires! The grass blades can also be made from recycled plastics. Contact TD Sports Group today at (916) 249-9440 for more information or to receive a complimentary design and cost analysis.