The best way to maintain optimum
performance, safety and longevity of synthetic turf fields.

  • Surface Wear Inspection
  • Infill Depth Check
  • Small & Large Repairs
  • Post Summary Report
  • Fiber Rejuvination
  • G-max Safety Testing
  • Field Replacement
  • Certified Technicians


The best way to maintain optimum
performance, safety and longevity of your running track.

  • Surface & Wear Analysis
  • Small Surface Repairs
  • Restriping of Lines
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Replacement
  • Post Summary Report

Safety Testing

Certified G-max testing is the ASTM standard used to ensure
player safety and safe performance of athletic fields.

  • Surface Inspections
  • Fiber Analysis
  • 12 Point Testing
  • Infill Depth Checks
  • Field G-max Testing
  • Cerified Report of Findings

Surface Repairs

Most every sports surface experiences daily and repetitive use. Over time,
repairs, patching and replacement is required. We provide the following:

  • Track Repairs
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field Repairs/Lines
  • Asphalt Surfacing
  • Basketball Courts

Facilities Care

Your single source for complete athletic facilities
management including new construction, safety and maintenance services.

  • New Sports Surfacing
  • Construction Management
  • Spectator Seating
  • E-maintenance Tracking
  • Safety Inspections/Testing
  • Service Contracts
  • Fencing, Netting & Goals
  • Manufacturer Certified

Painting & Striping

We provide the products and technical expertise for all sports
demarcations and graphics including school mascots and custom colors.

  • Track Striping
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field Striping
  • School Graphics
  • Basketball Courts